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Infrastructure Assessment TNA WG

Location: Ingolstadt (DEU)


Event Date: 21st - 24th January


 Registration is now closed.


Next Event Date: to be confirmed.



The purpose of this TNA WG is to:


  1. review and update the requirements identified by the previous MILENG ADC and adjust the Education and Training solution accordingly;

  2. generate clear and precise performance objectives (POs) and identify the intended outcome of NATO E⁢

  3. produce the Course Control Document I and II (CCDs I and II);


d.       develop the Course contents.



Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (ΝΑΤΟ MILENG COE) as the Department Head (DH) for Education and Training assumed the role of coordinating a ΝΑΤΟ Military Engineering Education and Training Programme, under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation/Joint Force Development (HQ SACT/JFD). MILENG COE is accountable for the definition and development of E&IT solutions. The TNA WG is formally formed by the DH.



Target audience

The target audience for this TNA Working Group consists of E&T stakeholders and Infrastructure Assessment SMEs across NATO: ΝΑΤΟ HQ, ACT, SHAPE, ACO subordinate commands and expertise from the NFS. 


Available Documents

All documents related to the TNA WG can be found on the MILLENG COE



Point of contact

LtC Georgios GIANNOULOS (GRC-A)/Chief Training Development


Tel. number  :  +49-841-88660-5310


e-mail          :