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Addtitional information regarding the ratification of ATP-3.12.1 MilEng

Below you will find an overview with the history of and the planned future development steps for MC 560/1, AJP-3.12 and ATP-3.12.1. All three documents give a coherent view on engineering and work towards revisions using the same overarching intent and wordings.


As result of the last two MILENG WG’s we agreed to ratify ATP-3.12.1 now, knowing that the content was not complete as we would like to have it. However, if we would not ratify we would fall back to a 10 year old document and we would also lose all the improvements been made. Therefore the most wise decision was to ratify and start revision as soon as possible, as the slide shows the future planning for ATP-3.12.1




 By LtCol (OF-4) Bart Linsen (NLD A),
Military Engineering Centre of Excellence, PCD Branch Chief.