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Fellow Engineers,
Due to COVID19 pandemic travel restrictions placed on all nations, the Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (MILENG COE) has adjusted its training courses for the remainder of 2020.   The available classes with dates are listed below. Please go to the MILENG COE website ( ) to learn more and to register for course attendance. Two of our key course offerings were rescheduled into the second half of the year due to demand. The Infrastructure Planning course and the Environmental Protection course are both offered in the second half of the year and are listed below.  
NATO Operational Military Engineering Course (NOMEC) 21-25 September 2020
NOMEC is a course designed to provide a working knowledge regarding the roles, responsibilities, and staffing procedures of MILENG staff elements in order to prepare participants for NATO assignments at the Operational and Strategic levels. Example Topics include: MILENG Doctrine, MILENG Tasks and Responsibilities at different levels of NATO HQs, MILENG contribution to Operations Planning Process. Target audience: MILENG Staff Officers and NCOs (OR-7 and up), who will serve in a military engineering related post in a NATO Operational HQ (ACO, ACT, JFCs).
NATO Military Environmental Protection Practices and Procedures Course (NMEPPPC) 28 September – 2 October 2020
UPDATE - Please note new dates
This course is designed to familiarize the student with the knowledge and skills to integrate NATO-led military operations with NATO Environmental Protection (EP) requirements in accordance with NATO STANAGs and policies. Example topics include: Demonstrating EP standards, compliance and risk assessment requirements during operations, explaining best practices in conducting environmental studies. Target audience: Military Officer (OF-1 thru OF-4), NCOs (OR-6 and up), and civilian equivalent who will be assigned to a post that fulfils responsibilities in support of environmental protection.
NATO Infrastructure Assessment in Support of Planning Course (NIASPC) 5 – 8 October 2020
UPDATE - Please note new dates
This course provides a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure and the role it plays in the Operations Planning Process in order to enable the students to conduct standardized infrastructure assessments and produce related products. The target audience is primarily MILENG Staff Officers (OF-2 up to OF-4) and secondarily Staff Officers and Senior NCOs (OR-7 and above) from all functions, who are assigned or selected for assignment to NCS or NFS in a position related to infrastructure assessment.
Military Engineering Multinational Advisory Course (MEMAC) 12-16 October 2020
MEMAC is a course designed to educate MILENG staff serving at the Battalion or Brigade level how to advise commanders and staff operating in a NATO/ Multinational environment, on MILENG interoperability and NATO MILENG Doctrine relevant to this level. Example Topics include: NATO Structure and doctrine overview, Gap Crossing, NATO Orders, Force Protection, support to C-IED, Route Clearance, Military Search. Target audience: MILENG Staff Officers and NCOs (OR-8 –OF-3) working at the Battalion and Brigade level.
Bridge Assessment Course (BAC) 26-30 October 2020
The purpose of this 5 days course is to train the key leader engineers in subjects related to bridge reconnaissance, bridge assessment and reporting procedures in accordance with STANAG 2021 and based on the methods and principles for bridge assessment resulted from the „NATO Interoperable Bridge Classification Project” – led by MILENG COE and sponsored by NATO HQ.  This is a pilot course that will assist in developing an NATO approved course in the future.
NATO Tactical Military Engineering Course (NTMEC) 16-20 November 2020
NTMEC is a course designed to educate national MILENG staff within NATO Tactical Headquarters, (Component Commands including the NATO NRDCs), to be able to fully function at the NATO Tactical Level. Example Topics include: NATO Doctrine, NATO Operations, Operations Planning Process, MILENG input to CIED, Route Clearance concept and planning considerations. Target audience: MILENG Staff Officers and NCOs (OR-7 and up) who will serve in a military engineering related post in a NATO Tactical HQ (NFIU, Corps, NFS, NFIUs).
Military Engineering Multinational Basic Course (MEMBC) 30 November – 4 December 2020
MEMBC is an awareness course designed to educate engineers up to Coy level leaders on MILENG interoperability, operating in a NATO/Multinational environment, and NATO MILENG Doctrine relevant to this level. Example topics include: NATO Structure and Doctrine overview, Base Camp Planning, Military Load Classification, Area/Route Denial, and Airfield Damage Repair. Target audience: MILENG Staff Officers and NCOs (OR-6 –OF-2) working at the Platoon or Company level.
And please do not forget that you can continue to take Advanced Distributed Learning courses now and throughout the year. Information on our ADL-courses can be found in the previous News-item and also under the Courses-section.