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NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Visit


The MILENG COE had the honour to welcome the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Mercier, on Monday the 22nd February 2016.

Overall the visit of SACT and delegates to the MILENG COE was a huge success in line with a well-structured programme. The visit was conduct in a relaxed, professional and timely way highlighting our current organisation, outputs and challenges. On departure SACT congratulated the MILENG COE on the visit and thanked us for our great contribution we provide to ACTs work and NATO’s Mission.


Visit Programme.

After an 8 hour flight from Norfolk – Virginia in the United States of America, the General and his Staff travelled directly to the MILENG COE in the Pionierkaserne auf der Schanz in Ingolstadt, under guidance of his close protection team and the French representative from MILENG COE.

The majority of the MILENG COE Staff was presented in person to the General, followed by several presentations from the Director MILENG COE (MILENG COE Mission, Tasks, Challenges and Synopsis), the PCD Branch Chief (PCD’s Core Tasks), the T&E Branch Chief (T&E’s Core Tasks) and the IKM Officer (Bridge Classification and Assessment).

There was a Staff photo opportunity with SACT prior to him delivering his Foreword to future MILENG COE course personnel. He stressed the importance of MILENG as a vital area of knowledge for our forces, providing freedom of action through a large spectrum of capabilities, from gap crossing and environmental protection all the way to airfield damage repair.  He reinforced his message to future students how they can contribute to his mission which is to develop, for this posture, a robust foundation based on the six following focus areas: command and control; logistics and sustainability; collective training and exercises; partnership; capabilities; and human capital. This excellent one take foreword was followed by a photograph with the current Military Engineering Multinational Advisory Course (MEMAC) (6 Staff & 22 Course students), afterwards he had the opportunity to talk to the students.

The visit culminated with lunch, presentations and SACT congratulated the MILENG COE on the visit and the great contribution we provide to ACTs work and NATO’s Mission.



Click the image for the full Speech of SACT.