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07 - 12 May 2017, hosted by European Air Group

VOLCANEX is a European Air Group's (EAG) exercise series with the aim to introduce, test and refine EAG products in a multinational environment. Main focus thereby is the promotion of interoperability and standardization through EAG and Partner Nations. The EAG consists of 7 nations (BEL, FRA, DEU, ITA, NEL, ESP and GBR) and is located at Royal Air Force High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire (GBR).


The aim of VOLCANEX FP CPX 2017 was to strengthen force protection (FP) interoperability between the participating nations, through the use of common doctrine and procedures. For this it was conducted at UK Royal Air Force Base FP Centre, Honington which provided FP facilities and expertise. The exercise was executed in a Synthetic Complex Air Ground Environment (S-CAGE) with a White Force/EXCON using battlefield simulation software 'Virtual Battle Space (VBS-2)'. VBS-2 provided the syndicates with 'live' static camera, balloon camera, UAS and Blue Force Trackers feeds according to the MEL/MIL.


The Scenario was to defend a deployed operating base (DOB) somewhere in Africa from multiple incidents and attacks. Therefore EAG and Partner nations provided several Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to advise and assist in managing the incidents.

MILENG COE was asked to provide expertise on Aerodrome Damage Repair (ADR) and MILENG input to Force Protection during the exercise. The FP training audience was tasked to protect a fictitious Central African DOB and secure the surrounding Ground Defence Area (GDA). The scenario was focused for activities in the FPCP. The ATP-3.3.6 (FP Doctrine for NATO Air Operations) was applied as the reference document for the exercise.


SME's were asked to assist in reviewing and adjusting Job Descriptions (JD) and Standing Operating instructions (SOI's) from VOLCANEX FP CPX 2015 to improve and harmonize the settings for the future. MILENG contribution was to draft a JD for Staff Officer Force Protection & Field Engineering (SO FPE) and a SOI on Aerodrome Damage Repair.


The total number of participants was 125[1] from 8 nations. Norway as a partner nations of EAG send players in the first week. Nations were split into two groups and the same scenario was played in the first and second week, but with different manning situation. The first week GBR, DEU, ITA, NLD and NOR manned the FPCP and reacted to the incidents. The second week BEL, FRA, GBR and SPA did exactly the same play.


VOLCANEX FP CPX 17 proved to be a very effective FP C2 platform on which to train and operate in a multinational environment and underscored the unique training opportunities offered by the RAF Force Protection Centre.

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