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​Mobility, Staff Awareness and Planning Course

This E-learning Course is available on the MILENG COE Knowledge Portal.

Login through this website and go to "Courses".


The aim of this multidisciplinary computer based training concept is to provide a comprehensive understanding of various means to achieve Freedom of Movement (FoM) regardless of the current threat or theatre of operations, raise awareness about the route clearance and associated concepts and make available an interoperability tool for staff planners.

The Course:

The conceptual design of the course consists of a theoretical part, a practical part and an evaluation.


The theoretical part consists of six modules:

- Introduction to mobility

- Route clearance

- Military Search


- Force protection

- Operational planning


The practical part consists of virtual training in which theoretical knowledge is applied in a synthetic environment.

The Framework:

The course builds on a conceptual framework, best practices, lessons identified and similar references.