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​MILENG Working Group Jan 2015, Ingolstadt

Military Engineering Working  Group

21st Meeting

    Location: Ingolstadt, Germany

    Event Date: 18 - 22 Jan 2021

In June 2020 the 20th interaction of the MILENG WG was held virtually only for stakeholders in order to keep momentum for the staff work; based upon the information and the pandemic situation in the second part of 2020, the January interaction of the MILENG WG, tentatively, might be held physically.
Taking into account the enduring restrictions of the pandemic situation, MILENG COE has investigated the possibility  to hold the event physically exploiting at the maximum extent all available venues within the barracks and maximizing the internal broadcast of plenary sessions, in order to comply with the health prescriptions. The physical interaction is aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of the meeting and to maintain the MILENG community networking.
The final decision about the interaction occurrence will be based upon the attendance (>50% representation) at the event and the contingent pandemic situation. Timeline for providing information about attendance will be issued in the Convening order published on the NSO forum.


The aim of MILENG WG is to improve military engineering capabilities within the NATO capability development framework. The MILENG WG encompasses all Doctrine, Organisation, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Interoperability (DOTMLPFI) domains of MILENG and will focus on integrating operational standards, doctrine, training, procedures, terminology, armaments and equipment in order to ensure complete, sustainable MILENG capabilities.

MILENG COE's Role                                                                         

The MILENG COE provides the co-deputy chairman and SMEs who act as the permanent secretaries to several panels (Infrastructure Management Panel, Support to Force Protection Panel, Information Exchange Requirement Panel and Material Panels) within the NSO MCLSB MILENG WG, as well as providing significant contribution to the Doctrine and Planning Panel – this ensures continuity is maintained, issues are worked between meetings and tangible results are achieved during the WGs. Furthermore MILENG COE is chairing the Terminology Panel ensuring consistent use of engineering related terminology, maintaining awareness of the overall terminology process across NATO.

Event Objectives                                                                         

​As explained in MILENG WG TOR.

Target audience

Attendance is expected from all NATO nations. Representatives and observers are allowed from Partner nations, NATO Commands (NCS and NFS), Agencies, COEs and all supporting organisations that agree to participate.

Available documents

All documents related to the MILENG WG can be found on the MILENG COE Knowledge Portal / MILENG WG Workspace (login required).
Furthermore, all available documents can be found also at the NSO site under MCLSB / MILENG WG forum and Document library (login required as well).

Point of contact

MAJ (OF-3) Mario RODA (ITA-A)