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​History of the MILENG COE 

The Past

General Blanchard
Euro NATO Training Engineer Centre (ENTEC) was founded in 1977 by an initiative of General Blanchard, Commander of the Central Army Group. He saw a need to promote the interoperability of military engineers of NATO countries operating in Europe’s central region during the Cold war. His motto was: “Interoperability is a question of attitude”. Over the years ENTEC grew considerably and 20 NATO nations signed the MOU and supported ENTEC.


In 2006 the ENTEC WG agreed unanimously that ENTEC no longer suited the current requirements for training and information exchange. In order to stay relevant the 20 member nations agreed that ENTEC should transfom into the MILENG COE. Germany as the host nation for ENTEC declared it's willingness to also host the MILENG COE and to lead the process of transformation.

The Present


On the 09th of July 2008 at HQ SACT (Norfolk, Virginia), General Matthis, Commander Supreme Allied Command Transformation signed the Functional MOU together with the Senior National Representatives of the original 10 sponsoring nations.  These 10 original sponsoring nations were Canada, Greece, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. In his speech General Matthis endorsed ENTEC's motto "Interoperability is a question of attitude" as the MILENG COE motto as well.


The MILENG COE Inauguration Ceremony and Change of Command Ceremony took place in the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt on the 27th of March, 2009. On the 26th March 2010 the final signatures were added to the Notice of Joining papers for a further five sponsoring nations bringing the total to 15 nations. These nations were Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Poland and the United States of America followed by Spain in 2012 and Hungary in 2019.


The MILENG COE has a current strength of 35 Staff members from 17 nations, which makes the MILENG COE the second biggest COE when it comes to sponsoring nations. In the past 10 years the MILENG COE experienced a rotation of more than 83 staff members. 

The Crest of the MILENG COE

The MILENG COE crest shows a bridge which is the international military map symbol for military engineers. The link with NATO is evident through the NATO star at the bottom. The book depicts a source of knowledge used for training, concept and doctrine development. The city coat of arms is that of the city of INGOLSTADT, the home of the MILENG COE.