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Route & Area Clearance Capabilities within NATO - Threat Analysis and Detection Capabilities on Route Clearance
After a 3 year-effort by the Chief of the Movement-Cell at the MILENG COE the ``Route& Area Clearance Capabilities within NATO - Threat An  ... 


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​Due to impact of the COVID-19 virus, the MILENG COE has also taken measures to protect the personnel.

 Be aware:

  • The MILENG COE-building in the Pionierkaserne is not freely accessible.
  • MILENG COE Staff is working from home due to the recent spike in COVID infections in Bavaria, this until at least 27 November. 
  • Check the 'Upcoming Courses and Events'-section here below to see which events and courses are still planned.
  • To receive the latest updates please like our Facebook-page. 
  • If you are planning to travel to Ingolstadt for a course or event please check the website of the German Ministry of Health for the latest travel regulations. 

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​Multi-national WWGC & LG Training Event Registration 



To facilitate planning please register not later than

       23 Oct 2020 

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Industry Day 2020

Wed 9th Dec 2020

To facilitate planning please register not later than

       30th Oct 2020 

 Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

​Ladies and Gentlemen,


During this period when many of you are working remotely or from home, the MILENG COE has options for on-line learning. Please consider taking our Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) courses as a way to improve your knowledge base while you are unable to travel or work in the barracks.   Below is a short description of what we have to offer:


ADL 202 ''Introduction to Military Engineering''

Introduction to Military Engineering" is an introductory awareness course for Military Engineering, aimed at personnel (Military, Civilian) assigned in engineer staff positions in strategic, operational or tactical level. It provides basic Military Engineering information outlining the roles, responsibilities and tasks of Military Engineer in NATO and is designed to prepare personnel for more in-depth training at MILENG COE.


ADL 203  ''Introduction to Military Search''

This course will provide an introduction to the basic tools and concepts of Military Search planning. The Allied Tactical Publication (ATP) 73 provides the procedures and responsibilities governing the preparation, assessment, approval, implementation and review of Search planning activities at the Operational and Tactical Levels within NATO. Using this doctrine as a guide this course will mainly focus on the Procedures and Assessments required when planning Military Search Operations. 


ADL 221 "Mobility Staff Awareness and Planning Course" 

The course will provide a comprehensive understanding of various means to achieve Freedom of Movement (FoM) regardless of the current threat or theatre of operations, raise awareness about the route clearance and associated concepts and make available an interoperability tool for staff planners. We have recently added the booklet ``Route&Area Clearance Capabilities within NATO - Threat Analysis and Detection Capabilities on Route Clearance`` which provides outstanding information on Route Clearance planning considerations.


You can find out more about our ADL courses at this link After clicking on the link you can scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed instructions on how to enroll. We hope that you will enroll and complete these courses and you can always contact the MILENG COE for more information or assistance.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Welcome to the MILENG COE Ingolstadt, Germany

 The Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (MILENG COE) is an International Military Organisation in accordance with the NATO Paris Protocol, manned and funded by contributions from 17 sponsoring NATO nations.  It is accredited by NATO and it is a member of the Centre of Excellence network coordinated by Headquarters Supreme Allied Command for Transformation (ACT) in support of NATO, the COE's sponsoring nations and other customers.  A COE is not a part of the formal NATO Command Structur. 


To have access to current MILENG COE Concepts & Doctrine, Lessons Learned and other take away material, you need to login. This Protected Knowledge Portal is primarily intended for use by those professionals who are working in, or associated with military engineering.  The password protected area of this website is open to active military from NATO and partner nations.  IOs, GOs, NGOs, industry and academia have no access to the protected Knowledge Portal

 ‭(Hidden)‬ 10th Anniversary MILENG COE

The Lord Mayor of Ingolstadt


the Director of the MILENG COE


cordially invites you and your partner to attend a reception due to celebrate the


10th Anniversary




The reception is to take place

at Lechner-Museum, Esplanade 9, 85049 Ingolstadt

for Tuesday, 22nd of October 2019 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm


We are looking forward to welcoming you as our guests in Ingolstadt.

 Upcoming Courses and Events

Course 30/11/202004/12/2020MEMBC 2/2020 (Cancelled)Ingolstadt
Event 08/12/202010/12/2020Information Exchange Seminar (Cancelled)Ingolstadt
Event 09/12/202009/12/2020Industry Day (Cancelled)Ingolstadt
Event 18/01/202122/01/202121st MILENG WGIngolstadt
Event 25/01/202125/01/20215th MILENG ADCIngolstadt
Course 01/02/202105/02/2021MTT BelgiumLeopoldsburg
Course 22/02/202126/02/2021MEMBC 1Ingolstadt
Course 08/03/202112/03/2021NOMEC 1Ingolstadt
Event 15/03/202115/03/2021International DayIngolstadt
Course 22/03/202126/03/2021MEMAC 1Ingolstadt

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