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Infra Assessment Course


The Infrastructure Assessment course is a pilot initiative designed to familiarize NATO MILENG staff on the requirement for a systematic and comprehensive assessment of NATO countries' infrastructure to inform the Operations Planning Process.

Course Objective

 By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify relevant NATO publications to Infrastructure Assessment related topics.

  • Become familiar with Infrastructure descriptions as prescribed in the LANDCOM Directive 080-02 to include Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), Mission Vital Infrastructure (MVI), Key Infrastructure (KI) and the different Infrastructure Categorizations.

  • Students must complete Syndicate tasks on MILENG Input to Comprehensive Preparation of the Operating Environment (CPOE) and conduct an Operational Level Infrastructure Assessment based on a Corps AO IOT inform the Operations Planning Process. Students must also be prepared to deliver briefings to their fellow students on their infrastructure analysis and assessment.

Course Length

5 Days

Offerings per year


Class Size


Security Classification

NATO Unclassified

Rank Limitation

Engineering Staff Officers/Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (OR6 – OF4). NATO Military/Civilian Staff supporting the MILENG function (OR6 – OF4)


  • Language proficiency: Students must have the following standards of proficiency in English (STANAG 6001): Listening (Good/3), Speaking (Fair/2), Reading (Good/3), Writing (Fair/2). On a case by case basis listening and reading levels can be lowered to level 2 proficiency.
  • Computer Skills: Students must be familiar with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel capabilities.