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ROMANIA at a glance


Population: 20.121.641

Country size: 238.391 km²

Capital: Bucharest

GDP: 367,5 bln $ (2013)

Defense budget: 1,5 % GDP (2015)


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Romanian Military engineering

Military engineering is a joint capability of the Romanian Armed Forces. The engineer forces are part of different structures belonging to the Romanian Land Forces and the Romanian Air Forces, as well as Military Education System.


The Land Forces unit's structure consists of:

  • 1 Engineer Brigade directly subordinated to the ROU Land Forces Headquarters. The Engineer Brigade has 4 Engineer Battalions (located in Brăila, Buzău, Alba Iulia and Satu Mare), 1 River Crossing Battalion (Brăila), 1 Logistical Battalion (Brăila), 1 Engineer Reconnaissance Company (Brăila) and 2 EOD Groups (Brăila and Buzău).
  • 2 Engineer Battalions (located in Bucharest and Deva) and 2 EOD Groups (1 Battalion and 1 EOD Group for each Infantry Division);
  • 8 Engineer Companies (1 Company for each Infantry / Mountain / Mechanized Brigade);

The Air Force Engineers unit's structure consists of:

  • 1 Engineer Regiment and 1 EOD Group directly subordinated to the Romania Air Force Headquarters.

Engineer officers and NCOs are trained in the Military Engineer Training Center while EOD personnel is trained and certified at the EOD Training Base (the base is part of the Military Engineer Training Centre). The training center has its own EOD Group and a K9 Training Center which is able to train military working dogs for guarding and explosive detection. The training center is located in Râmnicu Vâlcea and it has its own training range in Goranu. Also, the EOD training base, provides mobile training teams in suport of C-IED training for the maneuver units that are deploying abroad.






The Romanian engineers participate with personnel in three NATO Centres of Excellence (MILENG, EOD, C-IED) and different NATO Commands and Force Structures (JFC Naples, Allied Land Command Izmir, NRDC Turkey, MND-SE Romania, NFIU Romania) as well as other NATO and regional initiatives like IEL MILU (Infrastructure Engineering for Logistics Multinational Integrated Logistic Unit - with participation of engineers belonging to Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian and Georgian Armed Forces). Multinational Engineer Battalion „TISA" (with participation of engineers belonging to Romanian, Hungarian, Slovakian and Ukrainean Armed Forces) is also an example of a multinational effort led by our engineers.


Most of the equipment in use by the Romanian engineers was produced by the Romanian defense industry before 1989. A program of modernization of the equipments is now ongoing and it aims for a replacement / upgrading of engineer equipment by the end of 2027.


As for now, the newest pieces of equipment are related to EOD and route clearance (MRAP Cougar, VMR3 mine detectors, Talon robots).