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About the MILENG COE Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL):

The MILENG COE is fully integrated into, and supports NATO efforts to develop Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) in support of training and education.  The MILENG COE continues to develop its ADL material which focuses on preparing students for attendance on MILENG COE delivered courses.
By Lieutenant Colonel (GRC A) Dimitrios VAROUTIS, 
Military Engineering Centre of Excellence, Chief Training Development    
ADL serves as a useful pre-learning tool, giving students the opportunity to arrive on MILENG COE resident courses with a common level of knowledge.  This allows the course director and lecturers to focus their teaching points and to address more pertinent detail about their topic – subsequently using the time available for teaching more effectively.
The following MILENG COE Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) course is currently available:
Introduction to Military Engineering
“Introduction Military Engineering” is an introductory awareness course for Military Engineering, aimed at personnel (Military, Civilian) assigned to engineer staff positions in strategic, operational or tactical level headquarters. It provides basic Military Engineering information outlining the roles, responsibilities and tasks of Military Engineer in NATO and is designed to prepare personnel for more in-depth training at MILENG COE, Germany.
ADL courses are free of charge, they offer a recognized official certificate of participation and the only prerequisite is the participant needs an official email address.

For Information about how to Register for a MILENGCOE ADL Course: