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How to register

Before registering for a course/ event/ workspace access you have to register for our webpage:

       I.            Register via our Webpage for access to our Portal

1. Go to our Webpage

2. Click at "portal" (at the right corner of the webpage) and choose "Register"




3. A registration form will open. Please use your military E-mail account for requesting access to our Portal. Only military & official civilian (industry) e-mail accounts will be accepted. If you do not have one, please register with your personal account, IKM-cell will contact you for an additional inquiry to verify your access request.​


4. After clicking on "Register" you will get the message:



5. You will receive an e-mail from ​our system in order to verify your account. Please click on the link (maybe have a look in your Junk-mail box):



An internet page will open where you need to fill in your username and password together with the verification code you received in the e-mail. Click OK to finalize the verification process.

6. Now that your e-mail is verified, MILENG COE Admin can approve your account and you will receive a confirmation email when this is done. Now you have access to the Knowledge Portal of our External by login in with your credentials via our website.


      II.            Register for a course/ event/ workspace access

1. After you logged in, you can start your course/ event/ workspace registration.


2.   Course & Event Registration

a. In the calendar on the portal homepage, you can see which courses/events we are organizing. If registration for the course/event is open a “Register" link will be available (see picture above).

b. Click on the “Register" link for the course/event you want to attend. A registration form will open, fill in all the details and click “Submit Registration" if you filled in all the required info.

c. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of you registration on the e-mail account you filled in in the registration form. Make sure to also check your spam-folder.

3.   Workspace access

a. If you need access to a specific “Workspace", please click on “Request access to a workspace".

b. An e-mail will be opened, please fill in which workspace you would like to have access to, and the IKM-cell will process your request and reply to your e-mail.

c. If you are registered for a course/event and a specific workspace is created for that course/event, you will automatically get access to that workspace 3 weeks before the start of the course/event.


       III.            For example: Course Registration Form                 [the same with events/workspaces]

1. Fill in the "Course Registration Form" to send a request for the course you want to join:



2. After filling in the form, you will receive an email, that your request was successful.




Additional course information will be sent at least 3 weeks ahead by OPR and Course Admin.