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​​​Information Exchange Seminar

Location: Ingolstadt, MILENG COE

Next Event Date:   07th - 09th December 2021


COVID 19 Information

Visitors of Information Exchange Seminar (IES) and Industry Day 2021 participants

As many of you are following in the news there is a significant increase in the number of COVID 19 cases within Bavaria.  However, we are informing you that current planning is that the Information Exchange Seminar and Industry Day 2021 will go ahead on the planned dates.  Clearly this remains subject to National and Regional regulation changes that could change this decision moving forward.  

However, as of now MILENG COE still plan to execute this fully.  Please note the following:

The whole event (IES and Industry Day) is planned following German 2G+ regulations.  This means that in order to attend this event you must be fully vaccinated or provide proof of recovery.  As an additional measure MILENG COE require the completion of a Rapid Test on Day 1 of attendance.  The Rapid Test will be provided by the MILENG COE and there will be an additional charge (2€) that will be added to Registration Fees to cover the cost of the test. Registration fee for IES is 70€.

The Ice Breaker planned for the evening of Tue 7th Dec 21 is now cancelled to comply with official regulations.​

The non-hosted Dinner on the Wed 8th Dec 21 will still be completed. The event location will execute this is accordance with German 2G+ regulations and we are working with the provider to ensure the hygenic concept remains valid.​


The Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (MILENG COE) is pleased to invite you to participate in the Information Exchange Seminar (IES), to be held in Ingolstadt.


The IES is an annual event organized and hosted by MILENG COE which aims to provide a forum for the MILENG COE's Sponsoring and other NATO nations, PCM nations, NATO entities and other organizations to examine and discuss challenges of today's operational environments and Lessons Identified (LI) in order to find areas for improvement and future development.

As well as facilitating the exchange of information, the seminar will possibly identify shortfalls in MILENG capabilities to support efficiently the NATO strategic plans (collective defense scenario) in accordance with existing NATO doctrine and NDPP, share national experiences and approaches as well as identifying any gaps or areas for improvement and standardization.

Topic for IES 2021

"MILENG Capabilities in support of Dispersed Operations"

We would like to use this opportunity to share and discuss MILENG related observations and lessons identified from operations, exercises, workshops, conferences and other trainining events, including those  preparing forces for enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in the Baltics, Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), NATO Response Force (NRF) as well as other NATO/national exercises.

For the purposes of this seminar, we define “Dispersed Operations” as follows:

“To accomplish the core tasks in the future, forces will need to be able to manoeuvre jointly to gain advantage over an adversary, maintain access to the global commons and conduct the full range of operations. This includes the ability to counter and defeat a conventional adversary through large-scale and high-intensity operations.”


“…Forces must be mobile and able to operate across all domains and in many different types of environments (e.g., arctic, virtual, space, littoral, megacities, subterranean). In the same way, they should be able to conduct geographically dispersed operations across large areas. This includes the ability to quickly employ discreet units with small-footprints in uncertain or contested environments. Furthermore, they will need to conduct operations with enhanced manoeuvrability including all necessary enablers and supporting elements.”

(Framework for Future Alliance Operations – Report 2018)

​Target audience

We offer slots for military and non-military personnel who have an interest in the seminar topic:- NATO, PCM Nations, NCS, NFS, NATO Agencies, NGOs, IOs, GOs, UN, CIMIC, Industry, Academia.

Event Length

3 Days

Registration fee


Point of contact