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Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

About the MILENG COE Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

The MILENG COE now supports the NATO ADL efforts by the establishment of ADL program, which is now responsible for all MILENG ADL online training and education efforts. Currently the MILENG COE has one online pilot course, which supports our resident courses. The focus of the ADL course is to offer students basic introductory information about MILENG course topics to refresh their knowledge prior attending the actual course.

ADL for pre-learning purposes, as used at MILENG COE, can be a very useful tool in support of the resident courses. This allows the course director and lectures to presume certain knowledge on each course topic and address the audience on more detailed issues relating directly to the topic.


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Available MILENG COE ADL courses

The following MILENG COE Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) courses are available: 

Introduction to Military Engineering - ADL 202

"Introduction to Military Engineering” is an introductory awareness course for Military Engineering, aimed at personnel (Military, Civilian) assigned in engineer staff positions in strategic, operational or tactical level. It provides basic Military Engineering information outlining the roles, responsibilities and tasks of Military Engineer in NATO and is designed to prepare personnel for more in-depth training at MILENG COE.


Military Search - ADL 203

This course will provide an introduction to the basic tools and concepts of Military Search planning. The Allied Tactical Publication (ATP) 3.12.1 provides the procedures and responsibilities governing the preparation, assessment, approval, implementation and review of Searching planning activities at the Perational and Tactical Levels within NATO. Using this doctrine as a guide this course will mainly focus on the Porcedures and Assessments required when planning Military Search Operations.

How to join a MILENG COE ADL course on the ACT webpage

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