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The United States of America at a glance:

Population: 327 Million

Country: 9.834 million km2

GNP: $19.61 trillion

Defense Budget: $639 billion

Total Military Force: 1.3 million active and 865,000 reserves

MILENG COE Staff Members: 2

​The United States Army Engineer Regiment

The U.S. Army Engineer Regiment consists of more than 90,000 Engineer Soldiers in the Active Army, Reserves and National Guard as well as 32,000 civilians.  The Regiment is led by Lieutenant General Scott A. Spellmon, the 55th Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  In his position he serves as the principal advisor to the secretary of the Army and other leaders on matters related to general, combat and geospatial engineering; construction; real property; and natural resources science and management.

The primary mission of the US Army Engineer Regiment is to provide freedom of action and apply combat power to seize, retain, and exploit the operational initiative to gain and maintain a position of relative advantage. We do this through four lines of effort which are Assure Mobility, Enhance Protection, Enable Force Projection and Logistics, and Build Partner Capacity and Develop Infrastructure.

Engineer Soldiers are primarily assigned to either a Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB) or an Echelon Above Brigade (EAB) Engineer Battalion. 

A BEB is assigned to and co-located with a Brigade Combat Team. There are three types: Armored, Stryker, Infantry and they are numbered battalions with lettered companies. These battalions provide organic support to their BCT and provide Mission Command to two Engineer Companies (A Co & B Co), a Signal Company (C Co), a Military Intelligence Company (D Co), and a Forward Support Company (E Co).

An EAB possesses modular formations designed for a specific function and are often geographically disbursed from their higher headquarters. They have numbered companies which deploy as independent units so that they can be integrated into BEBs, BCTs, or other echelons. They are normally one of three types of organizations which are

Combat: Mobility Augmentation Company, Route Clearance Company, Sapper Company, Multi-Role Bridge Company

Construction: Engineer Construction Company, Engineer Support Company, Engineer Vertical Company (USAR)

Specialty: Prime Power, Military Working Dogs, Dive Detachment, Fire Fighting Detachment, Construction Management Team, Forward Engineer Support Team