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Information Exchange Seminar  (IES) 2013

The Military Engineering Centre of Excellence (MILENG COE) Information Exchange Seminar (IES) is an annual event which aims to provide NATO entities and others the opportunity to examine and discuss challenges of today’s operational environments and Lessons Learned in order to identify areas for improvement and future development. This year’s event takes place in Ingolstadt, Germany over the period 3 to 5 December 2013.

The topic for IES 13 is “Contracting as a Campaign Tool - the use of contractors to provide both logistic and infrastructure capabilities on operations”. 
By Lieutenant Colonel (CZE) (A) Martin KAVALIR,
Military Engineering Centre of Excellence, Specialist Support Chief
NATO and nations have made significant use of indigenous and international contractors during operations in recent years, whether to support the force to repair, build and maintain infrastructure for civil/military use, or to provide a logistic capability. As well as facilitating the exchange of information, the seminar will examine recent experiences in the use of contractors in order to identify factors that better inform NATO and national planning considerations and which contribute to the development of concepts, doctrine, capabilities and force structures. The overarching purpose is to better prepare the Alliance in the use of contractors for future operations.
A wide range of prominent and knowledgeable speakers from various international organizations, government agencies and the military community have been invited to address their experiences and to provoke discussion. 
List of IES 13 lectures/presentations:
        Recent NATO missions (SHAPE)
        NSPA-Facilitating contractor support on NATO missions (NSPA)
        Contractors on operations (GBR)
        LL-contractors supporting NATO-led operations (JALLC)
        LL from  mine action contracting (GICHD)
        Canadian experience from using contractors in Afghanistan (CAN)
        The use of construction companies for EU Training Mission Mali and 
          rules of procurement in operation ATHENA (FRA)
        Effective contracting capability (GBR)
        LL on ANA Military Engineers training (DEU)
        Contracting of training in support of ANA Engineers (USA)
        Contracting in KFOR (KFOR)
        Infrastructure planning and coordination for ISAF (JFCB)
        Infrastructure development plan for Kosovo (KFOR)
        Contracting in hostile environment (GBR)
The seminar will consist of presentations followed by syndicate work.
The syndicate topics are as follows:
      •        Syndicate #1: Assuring outputs from contractors on operations;
      •        Syndicate #2: Business cases/contracts to have contractors 
                                         at readiness;
      •        Syndicate #3: Major infrastructure programmes.
A visit to the MILENG COE Industry Day (04 December 2013) is also part of the programme.
End note:
The agenda and other information about the IES 13 and previous information exchange seminars can be found on MILENG COE web page: